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Simple Workout Tips to Get in Shape

Group doing simple squats in gym

No matter how busy our lives are, making time for fitness is essential to overall health and well-being. There are many advantages to working out regularly, and they include peace of mind. The best workout plan consists of equal amounts of cardio, strength training and a proper diet.

If you are looking for a set of workout ideas, then read on.

Balanced Fitness Plan

Easy Workouts

First, get used to the idea that working can be fun. It releases a lot of feel-good hormones and, over a period of time, it truly helps you feel better. For starters, any exercise plan should be updated periodically so you’ll stick to it.

If you have been following a set of workouts for legs, arms and your abs, then change the reps and exercises every two weeks. Not only does this kill the monotony, it also keeps your body challenged — thus making you want to work out more often.

Squats and Sit-Ups

Thinking about a workout plan for your behind? Introduce variety into your squats and sit-ups. You could either do a side squat or 50 kettlebell swings while doing sit-ups. This way, along with your rear, your legs or arms are also covered. Consider it a multipurpose exercise plan.

With side squats, you pay more attention to your thighs and calf muscles too. A multipurpose workout plan is definitely less time-consuming, while giving you the same results.

Never Skip Cardio

A few minutes on the treadmill might feel like a complete waste of time, but the more steps you take, the better prepared your muscles will be when it comes to strengthening exercises. Cardio is the prerequisite for strengthening exercises.

When you are working your muscles or doing cardio on the treadmill, always focus on the parts of your body that are involved in the exercise. In other words, pay attention to every sensation in your body. A mindful workout is more beneficial and encourages you to work harder.

The 2:1 Ratio

When you do high-intensity workouts you need to rest between each set. Otherwise, all that you will have left at the end is fatigue. Maintain a 2:1 ratio for your exercise plan. For example if you are doing sprints for a minute, then a 30-second rest period is ideal.

High-intensity workouts are a great way to find out where your threshold is and to explore your capacity. Later, you could use this technique to change your workout plan.

Jump Rope

Probably one of the most underestimated workouts, rope jumping is not just for kids. Jumping rope for about 20 minutes can burn over 200 calories. Jumping rope helps maintain cardiovascular balance while also toning your muscles. Do this as part of your cardio and jumpstart your workout.

Put on Weight

Strength training is a multifaceted workout: It strengthens and tones muscles simultaneously. However, the effectiveness of your strength training depends on the amount of weight you add. Start with smaller weights and gradually add more. Combine these with your workouts; for example, you could carry weights and do shoulder presses when on a treadmill.

Working out can be fun, but for the most dramatic changes to your body, consider dieting, too. The combination is more effective than either dieting or exercise alone.

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